Tax Equity Council

Texas taxpayers dedicated to
improving the Texas property tax system

The Tax Equity Council

The Tax Equity Council is comprised of Texas taxpayers dedicated to improving the Texas property tax system. We realize that the imposition of taxes is necessary for the education of our children and the provision of necessary services and infrastructure.

We also realize that all Texas taxpayers should pay their fair share — but only their fair share — of property taxes. We believe that the guiding principles of property taxation set forth in the Texas Constitution of 1845 are still viable today.

Taxation shall be equal and uniform.Article VIII, Section 1(a)

All real and tangible personal property in this state, unless exempt…shall be taxed in proportion to its value, which shall be ascertained as may be provided by law.Article VIII, Section 1(b)

The property taxes we pay are a public trust for schools, cities and counties. As such, the officials of these entities have a fiduciary responsibility to spend wisely.

In addition, the legislature has a fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers to insure that the property tax system is fair and transparent.

Fairness and transparency are enhanced by: